4p is a Forth system with near ANS compatiblity. The most recent version is the "Luxor"-release of 4p 3.1. Download it here!

More information? Contact me, ask me. It's free and welcome. My e-mail is or you could phone me at my mobile +49 (0) 179 67 15 898 or (better at the moment) +49 (0) 151 2420 8966.

Experiments: Applications: Note: I'm willing to share the typesetting development process. Send a mail, I can send you details.

Is Forth an "ultralight" thing? I just followed the instructions at .
My example of the stove I've build is only 7g (or 1/4oz) in weight. It works very good as far as I've tested it and it seems to follow Forth ideas in construction: make it as simple as possible, get as much as is possible from the simple construction. I even do think it's similar to Forth in that it's internally a little bit more complicated than you see at first. Maybe that "ultralight" backpacking guys are something that still happens to Forth too: just something that goes against mainstream (at least here in Germany) and has good ideas but is ignored by big companies. Nevertheless both are working. And Forth is an "ultralight" language if you want to have it so.
Houses and so on...: Well, my house is what I'm living in. It's a kind of modern at the moment to talk about houses if you are a Forther. My house is from 1733 and this is a view outside a window that shows what happens at the moment:

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